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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GAUDET - PATIENTIA - DURIS <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

 "Patience  Endures  Hardship"

Greetings!  I created this website for my family genealogy and history. The main focus of interest is in my hometown area, East Montpelier, Washington County, State of Vermont and the New England region.  If you are a Willard, or you are related to the Willard family, you might find the information here of interest!  My maternal ancestry has the Irwin surname. Over time I will have additional information to be posted, so please check back again. Thank you for visiting. Charles Willard

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The following are articles that may be of interest.

A brief discourse about the surname Willard
and the variant spellings for this surname.

An article about Heraldry and the "Willard" Coat of Arms.
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About the translation of the "Willard" motto "gaudet patientia duris"

A letter to his "Descendants" written by Major Simon Willard

Puritan sermons written by the Rev. Samuel Willard
Click this link to read these sermons
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Read an article about the Salem Witch Trials and John Willard
Use this link to the article authored by the
"Willard Family Association of America" and located on their website.
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 A Family Relationship Chart
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My Family Genealogy:
I am a descendant of Major Simon Willard who emigrated to Massachusetts from Horsmonden, Kent, England in 1634.

Williard/Willard Genealogy:
I have another webpage dedicated to the genealogy of Dewalt Williard who emigrated to America in 1746 from Germany.

My Dewalt Williard Family Website


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